Sunday, 24 July 2016

Vienna - A Visual Treat

While I was planning for Vienna last year, I came across a lot of mixed reactions from various travelers from across the world . Broadly there were 2 different opinions, either they loved it Or had some reasoning towards what did not sync with them ,but I for sure wanted to include it in my itinerary . For me this was one of the 3 destinations on my "introductory" trip to Europe, ( the other two were Prague & Cesky Krumlov) .

With barely 3 days to explore/wander by the city which has so much to see, disheartened but I had to skip few points of interest .Vienna is an exquisite work of art . Its easy to lose track of time amidst the grandeur of Ringstrasse, the circular ring road attracting most visitors for its architectural beauty . 

Vienna was the capital for most of the 400 years of Habsburg Dynasty (For a short period the capital was shifted to Prague) . The  regality and the Imperial taste is evident all over.

I had an early morning direct train from Prague that got me to Vienna before 11.00 am. The uber swanky Vienna's main railway station kept me occupied for a while , I could have spent half a day here itself..!

A short stay of 3 days was not really enough time if one wants to explore slowly.  Vienna is a visual treat . A city so elegant, with very impressive buildings, super efficient and well networked public transport system that helps navigating the city easily, the coffee culture, the coffee houses , the concerts and absorbing the architectural splendours that has the aura of bygone era and art in every detailing. I enjoyed my first visit but would like to come back to explore more and all that I had to skip on my first visit .Here are few images.

Schonbrunn palace : with 1441 rooms this was the imperial summer residence and  today is one of the most popular landmarks in the city 

View while walking towards the Gloriette

With the setting sun 
 Karlskirche (St.Charles Church) : This is a notable baroque church ,but due to restoration work at that time could not make images from different perspectives .

The Dome of KarlsKirche
 Hofburg Palace and surrounding complexes : The palace served as the imperial winter residence. The resplendent interiors and the museum collections are worth visiting (A separate post to follow).

The entrance to Hoffburg Palace

The immaculate streets and structures of  Vienna's old town

Museum of Natural History : There are 2 near identical palatial museums facing each other . The one below is Museum of Natural History and the other is Museum of Art History, within the same complex .
Naturhistoriches Museum

From the Sculptures section in  Kunshistoriches/Art History Museum

Stephensdom/ St. Stephen's Church the 12th century Gothic church soars over the city and is one of the most important religious sites in Vienna.

Peterkirche /St. Peter's Church

Burgtheater : In 18th century, Empress Maria Theresa wanted a theater next to her palace which was later moved to a new building , it's current location . The structure was severely damaged during World War II and has been later restored. This remains as an important venue to stage some of world's notable performances.

There are many other attractions and landmarks to be seen and experienced in Vienna . Depending on one's interest you can extend your stay , but 3-4 days  are definitely required 


  1. Lovely... Took me back in time. I will continue to file in your footsteps! ;)

  2. Great information with lively pics. Would definitely come handy while planning our trip! Cheers to Life...