Saturday, 27 February 2016

A Walk through Art - Prague

I may not be wrong when I say, there is not a single structure in Prague that does not command your attention and perhaps even some of the modern structures too, which may not stand a chance to win over the dominating architecture that spells art in every letter, but they sure call for one's attention.
For me it was a tough time to just organize my thoughts amidst such a spectacular display of Art - right under the sky .  We may visit many places where a monument or structure can be regarded as immense work of  art & beauty  , but what sets Prague apart is that everywhere you turn , there is something marvellous . I am not sure how many cities in entirety can command so. 

Prague is best explored when you walk. Walk through the main streets, walk through the cobbled alleys, walk through the parks, walk through the narrow pathways , but you just need to walk.  It would be naive of me to say I did not know what to expect, but definitely had no idea what was waiting for me to be experienced - the Scale, the countless architectural premises, the fact that how stunning they actually are ! 

Here are a few captures from the many .

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