Friday, 13 March 2015

The Great Rann

With the change in seasons a massive wetland transforms itself  into an uninterrupted shimmering expanse of sheer white -  a landmass seemingly void .Welcome to The Great Rann of Kutch !

As seen from the Archaeological Site
A "salt marsh"/desert that spreads over 7,500 sq.kms stretching between India and Pakistan with the reputation of largest salt desert in the world. 
The shallow wetland submerges under water during monsoons and post monsoon transforms into a white- endless-sheet over a few months' period of time . You will not be able to walk on the surface or take a drive inside unless the salt crystals have hardened up . 
Best time to visit would be December onwards until March . Reach the place atleast a couple of hours before sunset , walk over the expanse without a care , lose yourself (not literally please !) , talk to the local folks, enjoy the folk music, can choose a horse or camel cart ride, soak up in the sunset , and when the sun is down , hang on with your crazy pals for some "ghost stunts" , look up , the blue has turned into millions of silver sparkles and if on a Full Moon night , you would perhaps want to camp out there (Not Allowed !) .

The vastness dwarfs every other entity around it .

There is constant patrolling and you can hang out in the Rann only until a certain time.

Please note : You will need necessary permits to enter Rann of Kutch which are issued at Police Outpost in Bhirandiyari.

Where to stay :  You can choose from Shaam -E-sarhad / Hodka Zeel /Gujarat Tourism Tents at Dhordo/ Gateway to Rann Resort .

The other experience in Kutch that should not be missed is the village tour . The intricate and exquisite artwork & crafts in each of these villages are indigenous to the region.You can pick up a lot of  these stuff directly from the craftsmen.Check out the art work on their walls and interiors of the bhungas.
The different tribes/communities of Kutchh add an intriguing dimension to their land and culture. It is essential as in anywhere in the world , to be respectful to their culture and unique ways of living. A local home cooked food could be a bonus !

Enjoy the local food - Bhakri and White Butter should be the mantra !
In most places, the meals are freshly prepared basis your order ( ie from the options given to you !).

Kutch is very easily accessible unlike some of the most awesome places in our country,where travel & logistics could be a pain.

Nearest Airport /Railway Stn :  Bhuj .
Alternate Option : via Ahmedabad .


  1. RoK is missing from my travel resume....would visit it on my bike for sure very soon...


    1. A bike ride should be cool ..all the best ..and Jan-Feb a good time !