Saturday, 8 November 2014

Dochu La - Bhutan

I just read this yesterday and totally loved it:
"I Measure Life by Countries Not Years" and so going by this measure I am still a toddler :-) ..

 Bhutan - let me start with Dochu La - it is still so vivid and clear on my mind, perhaps because the day started on a very wishful note for a very dramatic sunrise .
So all charged up at 4 am and ready with our gears and necessary warm layers we head towards DochuLa Pass, at an altitude of 10000+ feet .
After an hour's drive through the dark ,we are at this point at Dochu La, positioned, geared up and counting minutes. On a clear clear day,one can get a spectacular sunrise with the Himalayan views at the backdrop . 
As we spent more time in anticipation, my heart almost sank at my dampened imagery vistas....
The weather Gods were not in agreement for that day and we were left wishing and only imagining the unseen . However, during the time spent here I realized , it may not have been the dramatic scene which I was caught up with in my mind, but this was mystic no less, as though somebody had just opened the doorways to allow you to walk through the clouds and weald as you witness the orange canvas unfold. And as they say no two sunrises are the same. 

Next we move on towards this point called Druk Wangyal Chortens, at Dochu La .The sun is yet to rise higher up and we first stop by at a lovely cafe for the much needed   breakfast spread & fireplace. The views from the cafe were divinely beautiful with the clouds floating over the mountains and wilderness. After a hearty & content meal we start exploring the surroundings.

108 Stupas / Chortens built to honour Bhutanese soldiers who lost their lives in fighting away the rebels.

I could have sat here all day absorbing the views.
Pristine wilderness

Druk Wangyal Chortens - A cluster of 108 chortens commissioned by the Queen mother to commemorate the soldiers who lost their lives fighting rebels a decade ago. 
The surroundings and the natural setting is perhaps straight out of a postcard. The forest facing the chortens has colourful prayer flags fluttering in the breeze  and the warmth of the morning rays making its way .

 Bhutan is exotic and has preserved its antiquity in many ways - and perhaps that is what  it makes an exclusive destination.

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