Saturday, 2 September 2017

Ladakh - in Textures & Hues

Travelling in Ladakh essentially involves long hours on the road. Depending on your itinerary you will be on the road anything between 7-9 hours a day Or may be alternate days if you include longer halts at any place. So much of the experience is solely dedicated to the travel time and in absorbing the visuals. As you drive through the mountains, high altitude passes, beautiful valleys, flat lands next to gushing rivers Or by a terrain that compels you to shut your eyes and hold your breath BUT absorb the 360 deg views as well, all at the same time,  the road  is totally captivating and fascinating.

What strikes most about Ladakh is her unique landscape.. The many shades, textures, the variations in the topography. With the constant uncertainty of the road conditions, the unpredictability of what lies at the next bend weaves magically into our minds giving us the much needed window to quietly surrender to enormity, vastness, and humbly immerse in the views sculpted by nature.

A small representation of the journey that was  !

En route - Leh to Turtuk 

Somewhere between Pangong to Leh

Towards Hanle - One of the finest views here 

Moving Closer to Hanle 

On way Tso Moriri to Sarchu - another showstopper route 

And then suddenly you find yourself  here  @ More Plains (en route towards Sarchu)

On a slightly cloudy day, More Plains with vast stretches of flatlands, and mountain ranges in the distance . 


  1. beautiful pics and collection of 'textures' . Interesting!

    1. Many Thanks to you Nitin...apologies for the late response -- i'm reading all messages now (some settings i had !! )